“I wrote down the word DIP after images of The Big Dipper and The North Star came to me during one of my routine meditations. Soon I learned, that no matter which way you turned it, it read true to itself. Just like when we create personal meaning through design.”— Gretchen Schauffler


President and Creative Director 

As an immigrant born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gretchen migrated to the Pacific Northwest in the early Eighties. Her studies of Art Therapy, Architecture, and Graphic Design, over time, fueled her inherent artistic and innovative abilities until the spark became a flame. She created her first interior design brand in 2001 called Devine Color. Her paint brand offered “Paint That Went on Like Yogurt” and colors that looked like Chiffon. Her empowering approach to color exceeded in meeting the creative needs of women. In six years this figment of her imagination became a multi-million dollar paint brand sold through independent paint dealers in the U.S. Ireland, and the U.K. In 2009 she sold the brand to Valspar Paint. In 2017, Devine Color became a part of Sherwin Williams when they purchased Valspar. Today, Devine Color by Valspar Craft Paint and Wallpaper are sold at Target. 

Gretchen brings to market once again, an innovative and exciting new experience for home decor that facilitates effortless transformations with DIP, Readymade Renovation products. 


Design is personal. There’s a road for everyone to get there. Ours happens to be excitingly chic and simple. 



Husband, father, fixer, fulcrum, solid base of peace and wisdom he empowers the business, the brand, and all fellows to blossom organically.


Sr. Vice President | New Business Development

Partner, husband, father, coach, collaborator, never seen without a smile not even for a little while. The first to complement and ever gracious, happy to help make transformation easy in the lives of so many people.