The simple truth is, squares sit well with the human psyche. We have no issues digesting straight lines and right angles. They are exact, bold, and trustworthy. When you settle a debt, you’ve ‘squared it away.’ Nutritious meals are often called ‘square meals.’ The beautiful simplicity of grids and lattices surrounds us every day. The shingles on a roof, the windows of a skyscraper, the gaps between the sidewalk slabs, the spines of the books on your shelf, the chessboard on your (probably rectangular) coffee table.

Squares represent balance, order. 

Perfect squares do not exist in nature. They are a human, mathematical construct that helps us design with functionality and strength. The result is a rectangular form that suggests stability, reminds us of bricks and tiles and construction. Yet the square goes on to transcend its simple shape, and recreates perfect proportions of nature with golden ratios, used over the last 4,000 years in human design and art. It’s mind blowing to think human share that same principle ratio with flowers, seashells, pineapples and honeycombs.

Humans have a deep need to understand and recreate the natural order.

With that in mind, there is no better way to bring order to a room with squares than with DIP Carpet Squares. We know you have distinctive, unique, and individual colors distributed among the bits and pieces you have collected throughout your life, just waiting to break out and be noticed. Our carpet squares will do just that in spectacular ways. The powerful symmetry of squares and rectangles, in rich and striking colors, from the neutral to the bold, grounds spaces with focus, strength, and energy.
The warm tints of DIP Mohair and cool tones of DIP Shade carpet squares are neutrals with a purpose. The refreshing blue of DIP Topaz, the golden yellow of DIP Ray, the earthy green of DIP Manzanilla, and the saturated vermillion of the DIP Jasper each bring their own colorful vitality as accents that will combine with your treasures to bring a harmonious atmosphere to any room.
Make dull rooms interesting. Make interesting rooms comfy. Make dining rooms exciting. Add custom runners to hallways. Invigorate bedrooms. Mix and match to create a personal pattern, and cultivate your own tastes with confidence and ease.
And that brings us to our company mantra: We will grow and adapt to new trends or color schemes, but we will never change who we truly are. Design is personal—it’s something different to everyone. It only matters what it means to you. That’s the power of personal design, and that’s what we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you achieve.


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