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Design Is Personal is the top Do It Yourself Renovation Products brand from the mind of Gretchen Schauffler (creator of Devine Color, the paint line that revolutionized the entire American paint industry).
Gretchen Schauffler is an artist and entrepreneur, who after moving from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Portland, OR in 1980 realized she could use her unique perspective on color to bring a fresh take to paint in the Pacific Northwest.
Devine Color, Color Therapy From The Northwest, became an overnight success, internationally recognized, and revolutionized the way color is experienced by consumers today. Devine Color was bought by Valspar Paint in 2010 and is owned by Sherwin Williams today.
In April, 2018 she launched her next big project: Design is Personal (DIP).  With DIP, she uses her color knowledge to expand into the DIY Home Renovations Products world. From peel and stick wallpaper to faux wood wall planks, Schauffler takes inspiration from her native Puerto Rico and blends it with PNW sensibilities into a brand that can take any apartment, home or dwelling to the next level of design, and make it personal. Her new paint line, DIP Color Paint, launches November 2020.
Gretchen Schauffler

our mantra

“We may outgrow trends and color schemes, but never who we truly are. This makes your life custom and design personal.” 

our vision

Deliver an everlasting sense of design design empowerment

our mission

For you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination

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