Stated by the brand’s own namesake; DIP Design Is Personal is a design philosophy first, deeply rooted in our founder’s port-to-port journey. What should have been a clash of culture and color instead became a powerful experience that declared design as something very personal, and intuitive. The declaration became an online shopping destination with home improvement products that add chic layers of comfort, that easily resurface and reflect the best bits of people’s lives with confidence and ease. Products include colorful carpet squares, luxury vinyl floors, grout-less tile backsplashes, self-bonding wood walls, and wallpapers, with more to come.

When you are true to yourself, you inspire others to do the same. That’s the power of personal design.

Design Is Personal.


DIP  Design Is Personal began with a fusion of culture and change when Gretchen Schauffler moved to Portland, Oregon in 1980. Colored by personal experience and a vision for what was possible, Gretchen blended her own paint colors and ignited the minds and hearts of others seeking growth and inspired action.

The rest as they say, is shestory.

Her entrepreneurial journey from the personal to the public began with Devine Color by Valspar, in 2001. Devine became an overnight success, internationally recognized, and revolutionized the way paint is experienced by consumers today. With DIP, she continues to weave vision into possibilities by helping others rise above circumstances or trends with ongoing originality to make design, personal.


We can outgrow trends and color schemes, but never who we truly are. This is what makes design personal, something to everyone. Our mission is to empower consumers to confidently express their design history with color vitality and ongoing originality. What you can expect from DIP is simple: More possibilities, products, and colorful journeys to come.