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DIP Nuts peel and stick wallpaper comes in variable widths customized to the full dimension of your walls. To order enter the full width X full height of a wall and we will do the rest of the math work for you. Installation Blueprint Map and instructions included.

    Color: multicolor
    Finish: Ink Soft Luster
    Substrate: Luxury Soft Vinyl
    Backing: Adjustable adhesive
    Quantity: Made to Order
    Size: Custom Cut 54" Panels
    Weight: .065 lbs / sqft 
    Installation: Peel And Stick

    • Peel & Stick
    • Pre-cut 54" panels
    • Anti-Fade UV Printed 
    • Made to order means less waste
    • Can take up to 2 weeks to arrive

    Panel Dimensions

    54” with 1” overlap to cover any size or shape wall




    UV Printed, anti-fade


    Peel & Stick or Glue




    Domestic & Commercial

    Turnaround Time

    Printed On Demand, please allow for up to 2 weeks for delivery

    Fire Certifications

    North America

    “Class A” for ASTM Designation E84-16. Comparable to UL 723, ANSI/NFPA No. 255 & UBC No. 8-1.0


    Please Contact Us to request a copy of the fire certificates and test reports.

    Tips to consider when choosing a wallpaper.

    • Wallpaper style - Understand what you want to achieve with the wallpaper. It should flow with your décor style. For example, modern furniture and décor looks great with geometric or abstract wallpaper patterns. You can find new versions of this style on the DIP Design Is Personal website under the Dip Palantis collection. 
    • Pattern size - The scale of the wallpaper pattern should be considered. Large prints offer a bold and dramatic look, which is great for accent walls. Small patterns provide texture and can quickly become cohesive with existing design choices. DIP Design Is Personal Wallpaper is Peel & Stick and custom cut to your walls in 54" panels making it easy to install regardless of pattern size.
    • Wallpaper colors - Consider the color of your walls, floors, trim, furniture, and art when choosing the best wallpaper color for your home. The colors in the wallpaper should accentuate and highlight the color palette that already exists in your space. 

    What not to do when choosing a wallpaper design for the living room.

    • Just like we usually try out house paint colors before we purchase, don't buy a full wallpaper panel before trying out a sample.
    • There are different wallpaper applications: pre-pasted, to be pasted, and the recent peel and stick types that let you reposition or remove the wallpaper easily. Make sure you choose the right application so that the wallpaper will stick to your wall surface.