dip Removable Wall Kit

dip Removable Wall Kit



  • 18 20”x30” wall panels
  • 35 command strip pairs

Will not be sold without dip Wall Planks


DIP Removable Wall Kit 20”x30” panels are designed to hold ONLY the weight of Design Is Personal Peel and Stick Wall Planks.

Perfect for renters, office spaces, and dorm rooms!  Create your own removable wall design. The horizontal flush mount of each row allows you to remove the wall in five 20” x 10’ sections weighing approximately 12 LB each. This makes them lightweight and effortless to remove and reuse. If you plan to hang wall décor you will have to use nails or add additional command strips for support. Command Strips are one-time use only. If you plan to reuse your DIP Removable Wall, you will have to buy new Command Strip sets.

Will not be sold without dip Wall Planks


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