DIP Cape Cottage Self-Adhesive Wall Plank Singles

DIP Cape Cottage Self-Adhesive Wall Plank Singles


Wall Height:
Wall Width:

Plank Design: Distressed Wood
Color: Multi-Dimensional Color
Finish: Exclusive Ultra Matte Finish
Quantity: Single Plank
Weight: 8 oz
Width: 5 inches
Length: 34 inches
Thickness: 1/8 inches
Material: Proprietary Lightweight PVCLV
Installation: Exclusive Heavyweight Self-Adhesive
Water/Steam/Splash Resistant: Yes
Heat Resistant: Yes. Up To 190° Fahrenheit
Cleaning: Dust With Damp Cloth
Limited Warranty: 20-Years
Product Origin: China


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DIP Cape Cottage Elm Self-Adhesive Wall Planks Singles take you from inspiration to destination, without perspiration. Perfect as samples, or when you need extra wall planks to finish the job! Also available in DIP Grey Elm, DIP White Birch, DIP Oregon Oak, Silver Oak.


From inspiration to destination, without perspiration. Ours is a honey-don’t-worry-I-got-this liberating experience. Because of our proprietary Lightweight PVCLV Technology, a pencil, box cutter, and ruler are all it takes to reface over existing tile, wallpaper, mirrored walls, stucco, or painted walls.

Our Heavyweight Self-Adhesive System performs like construction glue without the bad smell or dry time. As a result, the only mess will be leftover peels. Our adhesion system comes with a 20-year warranty, extending the beauty of our products for decades.


The reclaimed wood look is loved for its charm and warmth. DIP Wall Planks are available in classic styles that go beyond rustic, from Scandinavian to traditional. They make spectacular accent walls and ceilings. Look splendid inside of closets, around fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes. They add gorgeous character as wainscot and batten accents. Perfect for craft projects such as headboards, wall art, plant, and candleholders!

They’re fun to install, easy to care for, and most of all, beautiful to live with.

  • Exclusive Realistic Ultra Matte Finish, multi-dimensional color, and pattern
  • Exclusive Heavyweight Self-Adhesive System comes with a 20-year warranty
  • Splash, moisture, steam, chip and heat resistant! Up to 190 Fahrenheit!
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State of the Art Digital Colors in long-lasting finishes. Water Resistant. Moisture Resistant. Heat Resistant. Scratch Resistant. Score, bend, and snap! Works everytime


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