A Liberating Color Journey 

Color Baggage started with Gretchen Schauffler, unpacking her own color baggage when she came to this country and used it to thrive and survive in a new environment.

Amidst the constant change, a new culture, language, and natural landscape, Gretchen owned her internal rainbow of color experiences. She embraced different shades of the same colors and used color, to paint and transform her walls into a dynamic universe.

Her color relationships aligned her with a deeper sense of harmony, power, and self-worth, attracting more of the same. Then she helped others do the same!

Here is what Gretchen Schauffler has learned about people's "color baggage" from over 4,000 paint projects over the last two decades: "Trends are mass-produced, but people's color memories, experiences, attractions, and desires, are custom-made. They can't afford to be anyone else.

There's the unconditional color baggage that lives inside of us, attractions and cravings for colors we unconditionally love based on our color experiences. When we claim and paint our homes with this bag of affection, it feels like a love fest every day. No matter how old or new anything is, everything looks delightful, meaningful, meant to be, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

 She offers a liberating color journey to reflect a deep sense of delight and satisfaction that can only come from who you are in light of what you love!

Ready to help you unpack when you are!