Tile How-To


Confirm that the wall where you want to install your new tiles is clean and smooth.

Fill a small spray bottle (between 12-24 oz) with water and add 1-2 teaspoons of mild dish detergent. The mixture can be sprayed on the protective coating as well as directly on the adhesive back of your tiles. This gives you greater flexibility when you're planning or placing your tiles so they end up exactly where you want them! 

Confirm the layout of the tiles with the protective coating on the adhesive side still in place. As you confirm each tiles dimensions and size, you can cut the product with any of the following depending on your skill level and tool availability. Here we have examples of using a Dremel and utility knife. 

Cutting Tile With A Dremel  

 Cutting Tile With A Utility Knife

 For the bits between tiles, kitchen scissors work just fine. 

Outlet Cutout With Dremel 

Outlet Cutout With Utility Knife 

You may use a waterproof caulk at the edges to seal the base and sides of your project if you wish, but it isn't required for normal use. This is for along the base of the tiles, or the edges where they meet other surfaces/corners, not between the tiles themselves.