We absolutely adore architectural wood walls in Frank Lloyd Wright homes, Eichler-Rummers, Country Farmhouses, English Cottages, Mountain Lodges, and Beach Bungalows. We love self-sufficiency even more. DIP Wall Planks with modern materials weigh 9 ounces and don’t require heavy machinery, nails, or glue. Bonus, no splinters. We love real wood so much that we designed a way to make it possible and doable in hours.



Many thoughtful considerations went into reinventing self-adhesive products that made it possible to achieve luxury looks in just hours! Chiefly among them was "sticking power." DIP Self-Adhesive Wall Planks come with A 20-year warranty heavy-duty Self-Adhesive System that bonds like construction glue, but without the mess, odor, and dry time. They are not easily removable. Removing the product can chip off surfaces and leave the adhesive residue behind. 


DIP Wall Planks are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because they are water, moisture, and steam resistant. However, they are not 100% waterproof because they are grout-less therefore we don’t recommend them for inside showers.


As long as a textured surface is reasonably level—meaning no big bumps, high peaks, and valleys, flagstones or rock our DIP Self-Adhesive Wall Planks will stick onto existing mirrors, brick, paneling, tile, ceiling tiles, orange peel, and troweled textures like stucco. However, they will not work on crumbly surfaces like crumbly textured popcorn ceilings or unsealed unpainted cement and cinder blocks.



As long as our products are a safe and reasonable distance away from an open flame our DIP Lightweight DIY Self-Adhesive Wall Planks are able to withstand high temperatures, up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, they are perfect for fireplaces and kitchen backsplash transformations.


Outside corners are easy to trim or embellish because our multi-dimensional wood colors pair well with wood corner moldings. Other options are to stain or paint corner moldings or use metal trim instead, for a modern edge. Or go full creative and use picture frames or ornate architectural moldings to make a fabulous statement.



You will be happy to know that our self-adhesives are superior in every way and made in the USA. Our self-adhesive is exported to China to make our DIP Self-Adhesive products. However, to get the best cost-effective high-quality production China is, without a doubt, the leader in this kind of manufacturing. 



Thank you for asking about our product. PVC is the world's third-most widely produced plastic polymer. It’s used to manufacture anything from construction pipes, doors, windows, imitation leather, and flooring. LV stands for Luxury Vinyl, which uses digital image technology and embossing to recreate the look and feel of natural wood and stone in realistic ways. Ours PVCLV wall planks come with an exclusive Matte Finish that makes the depth of our colors and patterns super gorgeous! Our metallic tiles are an aluminum composite PVC. We meet all the requirements to sell in California, which has the strictest laws concerning environmental products. This includes Prop 65, which requires products to provide “clear and reasonable warnings” about a chemical’s ability to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects on packaging or labels. Which we are happy to report, there's nothing to report. none.


Not all real wood cost the same. Real wood costs depend on wood styles, hardness, installation materials, finishing costs, and labor. When you compare us to high-quality beautiful, finished, installed wood planks, we look and feel not only just as real, we are a real deal in terms the value proposition we offer for your time and money! 



Ours is a honey-don’t-worry-I-got-this liberating experience that takes you from inspiration to destination, without perspiration. Because of our proprietary Lightweight PVCLV Technology a pencil, box cutter, and ruler are all it takes to reface over existing tile, wallpaper, mirrored walls, stucco, wood paneling, beams, or painted walls. No need for heavy lifting, or power tools! No extra time, materials, or demo costs. Our wall planks are not only beautiful, but excitingly doable for anyone!