+ Choose colors you love 
+ Properly prep your walls
+ Use good painting tools
+ Do two coats no matter what


Test the color to trust yourself. Test the paint to trust our quality. Our Little Dipper sample pouch provides enough of our ultra-dense color formula paint for multiple uses without waste, from painting on a sample card to make it effortless to see the color in multiple environments to painting a section of a wall to see and feel the exquisite quick-dry paint in person.

To best view the paint colors, first paint a sample test on your DIP Little Dipper card. Move the card around to observe how the paint color interacts with your fabrics, art, and surfaces. Then if you need to, paint a larger sample on your wall. Keep in mind that the pre-existing color on your wall can affect how you see the actual paint color unless separated by a white border. 

 BIG DIPPER One-Gallon Bag

Our Big Dipper contains one-gallon of paint, stirred, not shaken, ready to pour through a spout, making for easy touch-ups around the house. Convenient for storage, easy to rinse, and 100% recyclable once used. Before pouring, rock gently back and forth for a couple of minutes to gently stir the paint evenly. If you want to do a couple of bicep curls in between, we won’t blame you! Wishing you a no haste, mess, stress or waste paint day, everyday!


Color-Dense paint recipe so yummy it needed a bag.

"It has been a long-time dream of mine to offer paint in a bag, and I am excited to make that dream a reality with DIP Color Paint, finally," said Gretchen. "I first thought of the idea to put paint in a bag after buying a bagged margarita cocktail from Costco in 1998. Around the same time, I was beginning my paint brand, 'Devine Color,' and I found success using small pouches to offer sample paint to my clients. The Devine Mini Paint Pouch was an easy way for my clients, especially women, to sample my colors, build trust in my brand, and feel empowered in the ability to paint their homes. Despite this success, I could never expand on my sample pouches to replace the full standard paint gallon tin can. Now with my exquisite DIP Color Paint and our revolutionary gallon bags, I have made my wish come true. Wishing you a no haste, mess, stress or waste paint day, everyday! — Gretchen

Read the story!

Devine Color vs DIP Color - A message from Gretchen Schauffler. 

Devine Color as it was no longer exists. Devine's 20 year-old bases were made with older raw materials, the exclusive resin no longer exists. Ah, such is the world of paint manufacturing. 2020 coincided with the end of my 5-year non-compete in the paint business, the end of the Devine Color paint brand, and the launch of my new paint brand, DIP Color. Here is a little blog that will catch you on all my shenanigans... You will find that our new bases (made with the latest greatest raw materials) are an homage to the original formula in the best way possible. Most importantly the formulas were made, overseen, and approved by me. All the colors had to be reformulated so I took the opportunity to widen the range and refresh the palette.

I look forward to hear how the colors enrich your fabrics, surfaces, and lighting

❤️ g